Camp Manager – Streator Baptist Camp

Posted 4 months ago

Full-Time (Salary: $49,888 – $74,831) (housing provided)

Assist Illinois Baptist churches by providing quality facilities and effective logistics for retreats, camps, and conferences. The camp manager balances his time in the areas of camp maintenance, ministry and management. There are seasons that demand long hours and heavy labor. The priority of the camp is to be a place that people can be transformed by the gospel and grow in their relationship with Christ.


      1. Camp Maintenance
        1. Maintain all camp buildings and grounds. Display wisdom in regard to properly fixing items personally, calling in professionals, or enlisting skilled volunteers.
        2. Present a clean and organized camp (inside and out) to guests and visitors.
        3. Keep an updated project list and present the list to the Associate Executive Director each month.
        4. Strategize for future projects when timing and budgets allow.
      2. Camp Ministry
        1. Promote use of the camps to churches in the area as well as other groups who may use the facility.
        2. Keep in touch with those groups and individuals who are willing to donate their time and resources to the camp.
        3. Ensure the camp maintains a good, Christian atmosphere for those attending.
      3. Camp Management
        1. Enlist and oversee the staff at the camp, ensuring that camp functions are properly conducted.
        2. See that financial resources of the camp are used properly and wisely.
      4. Camp Expansion – Work diligently toward the growth of the camp
        1. Spiritually – as a destination for life transformation.
        2. Numerically – as the participation numbers of groups and individuals (especially those of IBSA churches) grows each year.
        3. Financially – as the camp makes progress toward financial self-sufficiency.
      5. Miscellaneous
        1. Attend monthly “All Staff Meeting” and “Camp Managers Meeting” (commonly held on the same day in Springfield).
        2. Meet with IBSA Associate Executive Director once a month at the camp.
        3. Other duties as assigned by the IBSA Associate Executive Director or IBSA Executive Director

      Jeff Deasy

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