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Title: Director of Camp Whispering Pines, Mobile Baptist Association (MBA)
Classification: Full-time salaried ministerial staff
Recruited by: Search Committee
Employed by: Executive Committee
Supervised by: EDOM

  1. Requirements
    1. Be a person of unquestioned Christian character and deep spiritual commitment.
    2. Possess adequate educational background, with preference from an accredited SBC seminary, to perform the duties of Camp Director.
    3. Hold biblical convictions affirming Baptist doctrine, practice, and polity.
    4. Be thoroughly cooperative with the program and work of the MBA, Southern Baptist Convention and its affiliated entities.
    5. Have sufficient leadership experience to budget, plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate a clear vision, comprehensive strategy and specific objectives for the evangelistic ministries of the Camp.
    6. Demonstrate proficiency and commitment to personal and corporate evangelism.
  1. Responsibilities
    1. Supervise the entire operation of the Camp, always maintaining acceptable Christian standards.
    2. Manage the Camp budget in order to discern budget priorities and processes to adequately fund the Camp’s ministry areas and maintain fiscal accountability.
    3. Procure, train and supervise a staff sufficient for the efficient operation of the Camp.
    4. Offer high quality programs through consultation with elected leaders whose groups propose to use the Camp.
    5. Promote the Camp in churches and with other groups who might be enlisted to utilize the Camp.
    6. Have authority to schedule the various camping groups, endeavoring to keep the Camp at maximum use.
    7. Work with and utilize the services of the Camp Whispering Pines Committee.
    8. Serve under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of Missions and be responsible to the Executive Committee for the fulfillment of his duties.
    9. Support all ministries, processes and emphases of the MBA.
  • Relationships
    1. Seek to maintain a good working relationship with all elected leaders, committees and groups within the association.
    2. Endeavor to establish good rapport with the churches, pastors, and other individuals within the association.
    3. Manifest a spirit of cooperation with the denomination and its elected leaders.
    4. Strive to develop and sustain friendly relations with other denominational groups within MBA.
    5. Maintain an appropriate relationship with business, social, government, education, religious and welfare groups to infuse Christian values and share resources for the improvement of Mobile.
    6. Be a good public relations officer for the MBA.
  1. Remuneration
    1. Compensation as to salary and allowances shall be commensurate with responsibilities and in accordance with the ability of the association to pay. See GENERAL POLICIES for more details.
    2. Other benefits such as holidays, vacations, sick leave, retirement, insurance, convention expenses and Christmas bonus will be agreed upon or are set forth in the GENERAL POLICIES.
    3. A reasonable number of extra-curricular engagements are allowable and must be approved with the Executive Director of Missions.

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