Tahquitz Pines Conference Center 55251 South Circle Drive, Idyllwild, CA 92549
Listing Type : Conference Center
Location : California

In a busy world that swirls around us at a frenetic pace, God speaks to us in quiet places. Tahquitz Pines is one of those places.

For more than 80 years, people have come here to find peace, and many have left transformed. Countless campers have found Christ here for the first time, while others have established a deeper connection with God that can only be found in the tranquility of such a natural setting.

Founders of Tahquitz Pines envisioned it to be a place where people could “hear God’s voice” and make a lasting commitment to follow Him. Since its beginnings, campers have related stories about their experiences at Tahquitz Pines and how they were forever changed because of Jesus Christ. We hope to continue the heritage of providing a place for people to make that connection.

Our desire is that each and every person who visits Tahquitz Pines will experience spiritual revitalization—something more than the beauty of nature and deepening friendships—and truly connect with God and His desires for his or her life. More than that—we invite you to put aside stress and worry, come to this quiet place at Tahquitz Pines and find the amazing things God has planned for you.

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