Membership Rates

(Camp/Conference Center fees are based on annual budget or income, whichever is largest)

**Individual/Business Associate Membership (Non-Voting): $150.00

0 – $249,999: $150.00
$250,000 – $749,999: $300.00

$750,000 – $1,499,999: $500.00
$1,500,000 & Up: $750.00

**Associate Member has been defined by the SBCA Board of Directors as either an individual/business or a non-Southern Baptist center of “like faith” that express a desire to join the SBCA. It is further understood that “Associate” members do not have SBCA voting privileges. Individual Associate Membership is $150. Camp/Conference Center Associate Membership is the regular fee based on the chart above.

Mailing Instructions

Make Checks Payable to: SBCA
Mail Member Information Form and Check To:
Kevin Perrigan
Carson Springs Conference Center
1120 Carson Springs Road
Newport, TN 37821