Why Is Summer Camp So Good For Kids?

Why Is Summer Camp So Good For Kids?

By Kevin East as Originally Posted at Crosswalk.com

This post is one of many that I wrote last spring on summer camps. Having worked in camps for over 20 years, and now with a full house of kids myself, I hope to equip parents across the country that are looking to send their children to camp.]

My first post in this series was: Is Your Child Safe At Camp? 5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Summer camp is almost as American as apple pie and baseball. Movies have tried to document the uniqueness of this experience. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see one that came close to pinpointing why a healthy week at summer camp is so good for a child.

When I simply take the words “summer” and “camp” and use them in the same sentence, my mind quickly jumps to mosquitos, tents, canoes, smores, and Kumbaya. Sadly, I think most picture the same thing, which falls way short of what a week of summer camp could be.

I realize for many with small kids, the idea of allowing your child to camp can be scary. Over the years, though, I have seen far too many success stories. A child who was scared, fearful or just simply didn’t want to be at camp, often turns into the camper who loves it the most. There’s a reason for this.

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