Refuge, Solace and Community

Refuge, Solace and Community

Summer has past, and we are in a period of hosting weekend retreat groups, and involved in renovations and construction projects.

Last weekend (typical of any weekend) all the groups had arrived, it was dark, there was a coolness to the air, and I was walking around camp. I was contemplating this increasingly dark world we live in, the turmoil of society, and the news of wars across our globe.

As I walked, I was drawn to the porch lights illuminating one of our facilities. Inside, light flooded out from the doors and windows, and there was a room full of men lifting their voices in praise to Christ. I walked further, and there were families entering another lit building, getting ready to worship. Children holding hands with their parents, laughing, engaging with one-another. Around the bend, my attention was captured by the beautiful sight of a well-built campfire, and a group of college students gathering around it’s light and warmth, preparing to worship. Further on, I noticed a glow of light above the trees, and continued to the edge of our Rec Field, flooded with light, and watched as a youth group played 9-square and Ga-Ga Ball. Building community, engaging each other, and enjoying playing together under the lights on this cool evening. Their shouts and laughter made me smile.

What an incredible opportunity we, as camps across our Country, have, to provide a place of refuge, solace, and community. A place where souls are welcome as they temporarily escape from their every day lives, retreat from a dark world, and are able to enter the beautiful light of the love of Christ.

As the night became darker, the lights seemed to pierce the darkness even more, and on this night, the beauty of the light was poignant, and made me thankful for the light of Christ that was being shared throughout this weekend.

I am thankful for the fellowship of camps through the SBCA, and the ministry provided in so many settings. Continue to be a light-bearer.

God never disappoints…

October 25, 2023No comments