Greetings from Pineywoods!

Greetings from Pineywoods!

Here we are, in anticipation of the imminent summer that is quickly approaching, working hard to wrap up all the projects, finishing the hiring of our Summer Staff, beginning the myriad of trainings required, already exhausted and excited at the same time…

From the One who gives me the capacity for faith, and the One who has grown my faith because of His faithfulness, I have great hope that in a few weeks, God’s redemptive power will impact hundreds of lives throughout the summer here at Pineywoods.
I am thankful for all the many churches that partner with us in this endeavor, as we utilize summer camp as a tool for the Kingdom of God, increasing the effectiveness of the church’s ministry to these kids and students.

There will be some campers that are so excited to be at camp, anticipating an experience with God. Then there will be those who come here looking for hope in their pain, and looking to God for their answers. Some will show up, and be absolutely surprised and shocked at God’s redemptive power working in their life, having not considered God at all leading up to camp. And, there will be those just daring God to show Himself, skeptical that He can make a difference, but even in their doubt, they are acknowledging God, and God has a way to make Himself known.

We are about to embark on an incredibly important season, where, for some, this is the best shot at redeeming their life. What we do matters. When I consider all the camps across our nation, there will be thousands upon thousands impacted for the cause of Christ this summer. Be your best, set the stage for souls to encounter the redemptive power of Christ.

When you have those rare quiet moments in the course of your busy summer, get your phone out of your pocket and text or call a fellow camp just to let them know you are thinking of them and praying for them.

In my 33 yrs. Here at Pineywoods, and experiencing God’s faithfulness and provisions, one thing I have learned is to never underestimate God. He is really good at what He does.

Serving together,

Eric Small

May 2, 20231 Comment